Atlanta I-85 Bridge Collapse

Unfortunately a bridge on I-85 caught fire yesterday causing the road to collapse. This happens to be near our Corporate HQ’s located in the Armour Yards District. Luckily it appears that the fire department did a great job of keeping everyone safe, but unfortunately I-85 will likely be closed for several weeks to months.

*UPDATE – some sources are now estimating that parts of I-85 will be closed for six months to a year. 

This will have a major impact on the city of Atlanta!

Several of our employees were caught in the traffic and took several interesting photos and videos. It was complete chaos! Other employees that lived as far as 10 miles away could see the black smoke as if the fire occurred right in front of them.

Atlanta I-85
Atlanta I-85

Whitco’s Corporate is open today and back in business. Most of us arrived late today and had to adapt to new and unfamiliar alternative routes. Fortunately everyone at Whitco had a safe commute.

If you were unable to reach our office in the early hours this morning we apologize for the inconvenience.