Lucky Jackpot Bonus Winner

Congrats to Michelle Odom for winning the Whitco Lucky Jackpot Bonus!


Michelle Odom who works in the Service Department for Whitco took home the grand prize of $950.00. Xavier Silva and Justin Staton both were runner ups and took home $50.00.

A cool story that involves many touching events lead up to Michelle taking home the grand prize. If you know Michelle please feel free to ask her about her story.




Atlanta I-85 Bridge Collapse

Unfortunately a bridge on I-85 caught fire yesterday causing the road to collapse. This happens to be near our Corporate HQ’s located in the Armour Yards District. Luckily it appears that the fire department did a great job of keeping everyone safe, but unfortunately I-85 will likely be closed for several weeks to months.

*UPDATE Рsome sources are now estimating that parts of I-85 will be closed for six months to a year. 

This will have a major impact on the city of Atlanta!

Several of our employees were caught in the traffic and took several interesting photos and videos. It was complete chaos! Other employees that lived as far as 10 miles away could see the black smoke as if the fire occurred right in front of them.

Atlanta I-85
Atlanta I-85

Whitco’s Corporate is open today and back in business. Most of us arrived late today and had to adapt to new and unfamiliar alternative routes. Fortunately everyone at Whitco had a safe commute.

If you were unable to reach our office in the early hours this morning we apologize for the inconvenience.


The BOMA show 2017

Join us at the BOMA (Building Owners and Manager Association) show and visit our booth.

Where: Cobb Galleria РMarietta, GA  Booth Number 418

When: May, 17, 2017

9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


The BOMA trade show is the largest one day gathering of GA building owners, managers, and vendors.

2016 Annual Company Quail Hunt

Thanks to all the Whitco employees that attended, and to all the employees that weren’t able to attend. We appreciate all the hard work, and dedication you put towards making Whitco the number one choice for commercial roofing.

company hunt

This years event was held at South Wind Plantation in Attapulgus, Georgia. South Wind Plantation is an Orvis endorsed wing shooting lodge and dog breeder.

And of course Whitco is dedicated to safety. All of our employees were required to take a safety course, wear orange vest, and shoot a gun prior to the hunt. No person or dog was injured on this hunt.


Florida Buildings Engineering and Facility Maintenance Show

Facility Maintenance Show

We had another successful show in Tampa Florida. It’s always great when you have a chance to meet with people face-to-face and share the many benefits of using Whitcommand.

The fact that our roof management platform offers so many advantages, features, and benefits makes it difficult to explain them all on print. The best way to discover these benefits is to test drive Whitcommand for yourself.

Request a roof report today and discover the many benefits for yourself.